A Few Kind Words From Our Patients

Took my 4 year old for an exam and had a great experience with Dr. Guretzky. I highly recommend them. It was easier than I thought! Update: It’s been two weeks since our appointment. I couldn’t be happier with my son’s vision improvement. We were able to get a diagnostic, went with the glasses she recommended and have seen the difference it’s made for my son. He really needed them. Highly recommend her!

- Suneidy L.

The staff and doctors are excellent they have patience with my daughter and explained everything to her in a way that she can understand.

- Tina F.

The whole office was fantastic.

- Roxanne F.

Great group of eye doctors. My daughter has been in their care since 2009. Dr. Glaser did surgery on both of her eyes for strabismus and my daughter has been problem free since then (2009). We continue to go there for comprehensive eye exams. They are very patient with anxious children which is a huge plus.

- Jane B.

Staff and doctor are very nice. Communicate well with me as parent on my son’s vision issue. They are very positive and experienced working with kids. Recommend strongly.

- Deyong X.

I absolutely enjoyed our first visit there. Dr. Glaser was very professional and answered all the questions we had. Everyone there is very nice and helpful.

- Elda M.

Everyone was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and able to wrangle my completely uncooperative 18 month old for her evaluation. Additionally, the play room was well supplied with enough toys to keep her occupied during our wait while the dilating drops took effect, which was great, so I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a pediatric ophthamologist.

- Danerys J.

We are lucky to have a Ophthalmologist like Dr. Jennifer Luck for my son, who was born with Down Syndrome and with Cross Eyes and had a surgery to correct the issue at age 4. But now he is 31 yrs. old and needs another surgery to correct his cross eyes. Dr. Glaser and Dr. Luck jointly performed the surgery at Shady Grove Hospitals and corrected his problem. It was done so well that he can now see and do many things that we never expected that he could ever do. We are grateful to both the doctors for giving him a new life that we thought he would never have.

- Swaraj B.