Eye Patching Resources

Patching Instructions

Eye patches can be found in most pharmacies, and they are available in two different sizes: Regular and Junior. Each brand’s adhesive can be slightly different, so if your child experiences skin sensitivity try a different brand. The three most common brands of eye patches are NexCare, Coverlet, and Ortopad. After removing the patch if you notice skin irritation, apply a thin layer of calamine lotion or Milk of Magnesia and let it dry completely before applying the patch. This barrier will protect the skin from breakdown from patch adhesives.

Does your child wear glasses?

Patches are available that slide onto glasses. It is critically important that the patch completely covers the eye, because therapy will be ineffective if your child can look past the patch. If ordering online you will need to know which eye you will be patching and what size patch you will need. Check out these sources for examples and more information: PatchPals; Ortopad USA; and Patchworks.

Make Eye Patching Fun!

childrens eye patching made fun - patching pirate app kids eye care of maryland

Eye patching is usually not something children are excited about. Providing positive incentives and helping your child feel comfortable around others in their patch is critical to success. Below are some great resources which can help make eye patching fun and assist in the treatment’s success.

  • “Patching Reward Posters” from Ortopad USA are a fun way many patients keep track of eye patches and rewards
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, download the Patching Pirate App and make patching fun! Developed by an Orthoptist with 30 years’ experience patching children, Patching Pirate will encourage and motivate your child to patch. Your child can earn gold from patching to buy accessories for their avatar.
  • Take a look at the Eye Power Kids Wear website for some fun activities, great ideas, stories, and products.